Alert Philadelphia - Emergency Text-based Notification System

Alert Philadelphia Users

If you are interested in signing up to receive Alert Philadelphia notifications or are a current subscriber and would like to update your profile with new contact information, company details or devices visit the Alert Access page.

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General Public

There are a number of alert networks available to the general public that provide information on major incidents, severe weather conditions, emergency notifications, health information, transportation issues, and more.

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What We Do

Alert Philadelphia is your direct connection to real-time alerts, updates and instructions in the event of an emergency- Where to go, what to do (or avoid) and who to contact for timely information as it becomes available.

This enhanced network allows users to receive real-time information via text messages on a variety of communications devices, including e-mail, cell phones and pagers.

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Police officer

Over the years, the Alert Philadelphia system has assisted law enforcement in solving multiple crimes. We are proud to be of assistance in making Philadelphia safer.

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